Sunday, September 16, 2012

Snake with Foot

This snake was discovered in China in 2009 with a single clawed foot growing out from its body. The 16 inches long mutant reptile was found by Duan Qiongxiu clinging to the wall of her bedroom in suining with its talons. Mrs. Duan was so scared that has beat the snake to death with her shoe. Growing a foot is a very rare mutation for a snake they more frequently grow two heads and scientists are working to find out if the foot evolved from changes in the snake's environment.

The Haunted Island

Teshuilo Lake lies among the canals of Xochimilco near Mexico City and on the lake there is a tiny island known as Isla De Las Munecas. Many years ago a young girl drowned there and it became a haunted area that people were afraid to enter. A homeless man, julian Santana lived on the island for over 50 years and began to collect and display children's dolls to remember the dead girl and keep her spirit happy. Santana would trade fresh vegetables, which he grew on the island with local people for their discarded dolls. Although Santana died in 2001 there are still thousands of dolls scattered around the area mostly hung in the trees.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The God Fruit

More than six years of work Gao Xianzhang from Hebei, China has managed to modify a crop of pears to look like little Buddhas. In 2009 after a lot of effort and rotten fruit he perfected a technique and was able to mold 10,000 pears into edible Buddha shaped fruit. Selling them for $10 each the pears which resemble baby Buddhas are grown in special plastic molds on the tree branches from an early stage.     

Half Red and Half Green Apple

This apple truly is one a one of a kind grown in the village of Colaton   Raleigh in Devon, England by retired painter Ken Morrish, the apple colours are thought to have appeared owing to a random genetic mutation that has a million to one chance of occurring. People were desperate to see the half and half apple and even lined up outside his house to take a picture of it.  

A man who paints with his eyes

Leandro Granato, an artist from Buenos Aries, Argentina, paints pieces of art using only his eyes as a paintbrush. He puts the paint into his nose, next he forces the paint up through his eye and finally he squirts it onto a canvas. He achieves by using his nose sinus cavities, which empty into the eye through small vents. When he puts pressure on his nose the paint can escape into his eye.

A work done by squirting paint from his eye

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